Perama – Petersham



Greek food tonight?

My eyes lit up! Perama?

We were only there a few months ago and in between I had been looking forward to going back. If I had to describe Perama in two words, it would be: good value!

The people? Friendly, welcoming and jovial.

The food? You wont leave on the same belt hole you came in with!



Amongst the little precinct of Portuguese restaurants in Petersham is David Tsirekas’s bustling Greek restaurant Perama. It does not hide behind a fancy website with a million pictures that will make you salivate- although, to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect after visiting their site for the first time. And when I was told (at the time) that they were awarded one hat in the 2009 SMH Good Food Guide, I really didn’t know what to expect! Well, expectations and impressive websites are over rated!

Split over two levels and outdoor seating is the boisterous laughter from the belly that can be heard by diners who are looked after by the charismatic wait staff. Think – a long overdue catch up dinner with some friends, a celebratory occasion with loved ones and some mouth-watering comfort food- Perama would be a perfect pick. The menu contains a collection of entree, mains and deserts to tempt you and a banquet option ($50 per person) desinged for sharing for the hungry sampler.

Personally, I really like the idea of banquets because you never have to feel buyers remorse. I am sure we are all familiar with spending the night wishing that you had ordered the lamb instead of the fish, then gazing longingly at the lamb that is being demolished by the person in front of you. Tonight we went banquet!

BBQ Haloumi cheese and figs

First come the bread, greek salad with the most creamy delicious feta and dips taramasalata, tzatziki and split peas. Don’t worry, the wait staff wont clear the table just yet, allowing you to keep your salad through the courses if you like. Some pickled cabbage and mushroom come to join the table, then enters the BBQ haloumi cheese with honey peppered figs. Joyful char grilled, squeaky and mildly salted haloumi goodness… just delightful!

Next delicate and flakey filo pastries, vine domlathes and pork belly baklava to replace the bbq octopus. I am so glad they ran out of the octopus because we got to try the pork belly baklava. It’s layers of light filo pastry held together the tender pork belly and pistachios that were sweetened by some dates. To top it off, square pieces of crackling, giving you that crunchy, tender, salty, sweet and flakey experience all in one. In came the lamb skaras, which is a slow cooked oregano, garlic infused braised lamb then char grilled with lemon. This was amazing the first time we tried it, it was packed with flavour and so soft that it melted in your mouth. Unfortunately it wasn’t the same tonight. It was almost as though the lamb had been sitting under the heating lamp for too long.

Caramel Baklava ice cream and bougatsa

No sad face to be seen though, soon came the caramel baklava ice cream and passionfruit bougatsa for dessert. I’m not usually big on sweet dishes, but I really enjoyed the creamy kind of sweet passionfruit custard in the filo pastry of the bougatsa, oh and the caramel baklava ice cream with crushed pistachios in between, yum!

Also, we discovered that they don’t charge corkage when you BYO and order the banquet meal. I am sure we will return again for that bbq haloumi and delicious dessert!

88 Audley St, Petersham 2049
(02) 9569 7534


Tuesday – Saturday: 6pm- 10:30pm (Book in advance)

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  1. I sometimes find that banquets can be a bit hit-and-miss, especially if they’ve tried to offload the cheaper filler dishes. No such problem at Perama. It’s been ages since my last visit – must get back for their gorgeous olive oil cream :)

  2. hey i LOVE perama – went twice – both times with large groups and i think we covered everything on the menu!

    LOVE the fried haloumi , and the baklava icecream with bougatsa omg to die for!!

  3. Hello and welcome! :)

    Helen- very true! I’ll keep the olive oil ice cream in mind for my next visit.

    Betty- Yes, I think I’ll have to find out where they get their haloumi. I keep trying to replicate it at bbq’s – but alas, no comparison to Perama’s!

  4. I really want to go to Perama as it all looks so good and filling! Have to wait until next year though. :-(

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