Christmas Angel

I have dessert this Christmas, and in prep for the banquet on Christmas day I’ve been experimenting with a few new ingredients. I was toying with the idea of blanketing my city with fondant. Fondant is the thick icing (made mostly with icing sugar) usually employed to cover wedding cakes- it provides a beautiful satin canvas for decorators. So the question was, where do I get me some fondant?

I spent the morning looking at recipes and fondant techniques on the internet and found a few interesting recipes using marshmallows- this apparently was a tastier option. Pressed for time, I decided to go for the pre-made option at Coles – which surprisingly sampled well!

Since I had never used fondant before, I thought I’d play around with it whilst waiting for my chocolate bowls Take II to set. It was fun and very reminiscent of play-doh! This Christmas Angel was brought into our world at around 1am this morning!

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About the raw noodle

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  1. puahhaha howd u know?

  2. so cute
    im intimidated by fondant//
    i have some marzipan at home (i think its similar??)
    but havent got around to trying it yet…

  3. Thanks Betty- marzipan doesn’t taste that great sometimes! I was intimidated by it at first also. But it’s actually fun to play with.

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