Good Food Fair – Hyde Park 2010

Mid Spring already! Another gorgeous day to celebrate the end of Good Food month, even if it was just an excuse to caramelise in the sun coming out of the fluorescent state that winter left us in. Not a frosty bite in sight except for the Ben and Jerry’s cow flavoured van parked by the fountain, who was the  winner – hands  down – for the longest line of the day.

The event seemed a little smaller this year and lacked the plate licking lustre that good food usually brings.  Stall dwellers in general, did not seem too impressed by the selection of food available. I too felt rather uninspired, which was quite disappointing. Hatted restaurants, represented by their chefs such as Quay and Guillaume were absent this year. Others with a reputation for good food such as Longrain appeared apathetic, serving up an unethusiastic curry slopped over rice on the not-so-trendy paper plates compared to last year’s funky wooden bowls with matching cutlery. After perusing menu’s at each restaurant who charitably opened stall that day, SeLah (a rainy day favourite of ours) was undeniably the stand out of the day. Advertised in almost every palm that walked the park was their smoked tuna with shiitake mushrooms, otherwise menu-ised as the “brain” by me.

It was an intricately wrapped tuna sphere that held a fresh ceviche like filling. The shavings provided a crunchy texture for the fragrant earthy shiitake mushrooms intertwined. The heart that went into plating this dish certainly set SeLah apart, and they have the hands that held “brain” to prove it.

Although the variety of stalls this year were not as appealing as the last, it was still a worthwhile visit. All proceeds went to AIDS, so it was great to see that there were many restaurants and visitors supporting the cause. Hopefully next year the hats will be back or the entrance of new stalls will invite us to explore their culinary concoctions. By the way, I think they read my post last year. There was plenty of water available this time!

Did you enjoy Good Food Month this year dear reader?

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  1. Wow., this looks & sounds great.

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