Whether it be at home, work or out at the usual watering hole, you’re bound to hear “where’s there to eat?”

I am a twenty-something Sydneysider who spends most of my disposable income on food. I am Gen Y – but don’t appreciate the negative stereotypes. I am a gadget girl. I sing alone driving in my car. Loudly. I absorb information like an eggplant absorbs oil. I am carnivorous, herbivorous and omnivorous – I do not discriminate.  I eat. Adventurously.

I have always loved food. No really, I have. I grew up in a family of food lovers, with a mother that was renowned for her Malaysian/Chinese cooking. Flashbacks of family gatherings – you know, the ones with all the family friends, their kids and the children’s tables- would showcase a dining table filled with plates and plates of food. Mothers would sit around swapping recipes, making requests for favourites and raving about the authentic flavours that couldn’t be found here in Australia. Back then I didn’t realise how lucky I was to have sampled so much at such a young age – I was just a kid that wanted mashed potatoes, pork chops and pasta like everyone else.

I am quite fortunate to have met my beau S* who shares my “try everything” approach to food. He enjoys learning, being a newbie to food and wine with me and is the finder of all these wonderful places we have had the privilege of dining at over the last couple of years. It is refreshing to be brought up in this amazing city we live in that nourishes beautiful produce, embraces food from all cultures and is filled with open minded palatable people with the “lets give it a go” mindset for food.

With my box of restaurant business cards overflowing – from our local cafes, quick Chinese and the hole in the wall random find to fine dining and hatted restaurants  – I think it’s time to start posting so that we can share and remember these great finds… and maybe you can suggest where S* and I should eat next!

the raw noodle: amuse bouche




See you soon!